My favourite activities are to write books and journal articles, concentrate on
    photography and building statistical and econometrics model especially dealing
    with monetary issues. My another interest is to learn all software dealing with
    statistics and econometrics.

    Personally I like to read poetry of Jibonanondo Das and Robert Frost. My favourite
    personality is Florence Nightingale. I am from Sirajgonj and Bangladeshi by
    national. Currently I am residing in Dallas with family after spending 17 years in
    Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The whole Dallas got hundreds of creeks. I like the city.
    Whenever I get time, I walk in the streets to see Oak trees, green landscape and
    little little houses.

    You are also welcome to read my Bangla books, visit my photography, economics
    and econometrics issues. Thank you once again for visiting Hossain Academy.
    Please sign my guest book if you have time.

    Sayed Hossain, PhD in Economics
    Founder, Hossain Academy
    Associate Faculty Economics   
    Collin College. Texas.
    Adjunct Faculty Economics
    Cedar Valley College, Texas

All my bangla books
Maria Ferdousi Hossain, 3 year, 2009,Malaysia
    All my seven brothers and sisters again in 2007 in Dhaka,
    Bangladesh after 30 years from the previous picture taken in 1976.
    All my seven brothers and sisters in 1976 in Dhaka, Bangladesh
    including myself (extreme right sitting), a school boy of class six.
    My father built this house in 1968 at Shamibag, Dhaka where my
    seven brothers and sisters raised up
Me - Year 2004. Lost my hair to understand Econometrics
Komol, Maria and Me in 2007 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Me in 1981 when I was a college going boy, Chittagong, Bangladesh
In 1981 when I was a college  boy, Chittagong
Me when I was one year boy, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Me in year, 1989.
My eldest sister's marriage in Kakrail, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1977
My SLR camera - Year 2006. Starting my photography
Maria Ferdousi Hossain, my daughter, 3 years old, 2009 in Malaysia
My student identity card in University of Dhaka in 1993
Me - Year 2002
Me - Year 2014
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