Welcome to Hossain Academy

I would like to welcome you to Hossain Academy

Since my childhood I had a plan to make an educational website.
Moreover, my father inspired me always to do similar thing. Indeed, Hossain Academy is the outcome of my father's
intention.He advised me to practice religion through education and learning.

When I was a student, I faced lots of hardship to understand all these econometrics and statistical models. I fell sick. At
that time I decided one day I would make a website where I shall show all these models so that students can solve their
problems. Indeed my sickness inspired me further to make this website.

I have designed this website to support students and researchers for developing their research models.
This website is dedicated to my
parents who have spent their everything to raise me.

So far I have completed only 30 percent of Hossain Academy due to financial constraint. I need few more software such as
Microfit, Amos, LIndo and Lingo, Shazam, Minitab, SAS, RATS etc to complete Hossain Academy completely. But due to
financial constraint, I am unable to buy. Moreover, I am passing almost unemployed life, that  affecting me also to complete
Hossain Academy. Inspite of all these limitations, I am hopeful about the future of Hossain Academy.

If you have time, you are requested to leave a message in
guest book

Hossain Academy Website is produced, designed and maintained by myself. This Academy does not have
any staff/agency to run it other than me. Hossain Academy is an informal one man Academy supporting millions around
the globe. She has started her journey since 2011.

Thank you

Sayed Hossain
Educate self and the world